International Ecommerce?


E-commerce or Ecommerce no mather how you write it, but is very nice for companies to sell at foreign markets without moving there. A good working webshop will bring you al the turnover and you just have to ship… That is it when you stay below the VAT treshold. As soon as you exceed this than a real problem can appear. You have to pay VAT in your own country and in the country you are selling in. This is not correct what you are thinking after reading this. Actually when you exceed the treshold you have to pay in the country that you are selling in. But you didn’t so you paid the VAT to your country of origin. But the government of the country you are selling in can do a check on you. So they will charge you the missed VAT and you will get a penalty. And than you have to get back the VAT from your government in the country of origin. So instead of making  money you are losing money. Also companies selling via platforms like Amazon and Alibaba.

How to avoid this? 
You have cooperate with an independent VAT specialist that can monitor for you the risks of reaching the level of exceeding, but also is able to do al the paperwork for Application and afterwords the yearly or quaterly paperwork. Especially when you expand to more than one country the added value of the VAT specialist gets bigger and bigger.

Where can you find one? 
When you look for a company that can help you in al the EU Member States than you will always come to RM Boulanger UK. When you can agree for cooperation you found yourselves a partner that gives a single point of contact no matter what country you are heading for. You just call or mail your contactperson and he or she will explain to the internal colleageus what country you are willing to enter. They arrange al the paperwork and you only have to sign for Application. Your partner will also be your Fiscal Representative. This means that they can do the communication with the governmental organisations abroad and you can focus and concentrate on your business. My business I sell wine cabinets in several European countries and I am very pleased with RM Boulanger UK. We just have to sell and they handle the paperwork.

Regards, John Baker

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