NBA 2K17 – How to Use Dunk Animations

NBA 2K17 has multiple dunk animations that can be equipped so MyPlayer can perform different dunk moves. These animations are unlocked and bought from the store.

A commonly asked question among the NBA 2K17 players is how to perform different types of dunks. While there is only one way to actually make a dunk move by using a combination of game controls, different dunks can be achieved by using a different animation. One of the things to remember is that a dunk animation must be equipped first, otherwise players will just perform a regular dunk or the one that was previously equipped. When players select and equip another animation, MyPlayer will use that one each time he will perform a dunk move.

It’s a bit complicated accessing the dunk animations list as it’s hidden under several other sub-menus. This is why most NBA 2K17 players don’t know how to get to it but once they find it once, it will be easy to get back to it each time they wish to use another animation. Players first have to select MyCareer mode and enter the Navigation menu. They will locate MyPlayer inventory and access it. To get to the animations list, the NBA/PRO-AM Animations option has to be selected. From this menu, players should navigate to NBA Dunks and Layups. Here they will see a selection of animations. If the one they wish to use is unlocked then it can be equipped.

NBA 2K17 has a long list of animations but they have to be earned first. There are some animations that are bought from the 2K Sports Store in exchange for VC. Some are unlocked when making certain connections while playing MyCareer mode. Kyrie Irving jump shot, Brook Lopez free throw or Dwayne Wade ring hang are some of the animations available from MyCareer. There are player specific dunk animations such as Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen animations. Exclusive animations are also available. Some animations have unlock requirements. It takes a while to collect all of them.