VAT Registration Italy? RM Boulanger UK


Even a VAT Registration Italy makes sense when you are exporting racing bicycles to Italy. VAT Registration Italy is making your business life easier when you do a lot of business with Italy. And you are more protected, the Italians are known about their corruption and bad payment behavior, which is mainly the case when dealing with companies from abroad. With a VAT Registration Italy, you look like an Italian company, so you are one of them and much saver. But why has our company a VAT Registration Italy? In principle very easy, we make by hand racing bicycles and the only country were we export them to is Italy. There are several reason why we only export our racing bicycles to Italy. Our design is trendy and ultra-modern and the racing bicycles are all Ferrari red, the Italians love trendy and modern products, they are mad about Ferrari, so the combination of these is exactly what the Italians want. Our racing bicycles are 100% patented, so we are fully protected that some other racing bicycle maker will copy them. It will maybe happen in China, but we are not afraid, because in that case the quality will be so poor, compared to our racing bicycles, which the market want buy from them. For us another big advantage is the fact that Italians are in general smaller than people from western Europa. In fact it means that we save more than 10% on the very expensive carbon, even though we calculate the 100%, meaning we make on the “naked frame” when exporting to Italy about 10% more profit. The last reason, is very easy, the Italians love bicycle racing. When you at this very moment see how many people watch the Giro d´Italia live, beside the incredible amount of people following this on the television. It´s the only country were they have a bicycle newspaper, Il Giornale. They have a long tradition and famous names and especially in the South, which is still much poorer as the north, the younger boys dream of a carrier as cyclist, to get rich. The unemployment figures in the south are much higher as they are in the north. They all dream of being one day as famous as, for example, Fausto Coppi, his nickname was the Champion of the champions (“il campionissimo”). Fausto Copi was and still is, a legend. He won 2 time the Giro d´Italia and the Tour de France in one year and he won more than one time about all the classics of which 5 times the Lombardi Tour. He had one rival (maybe better, enemy) Gino Bartali. Bartali was very catholic and Coppi wasn´t really religious and had an affair with the “white lady”. Coppi was the best cyclist, but he absolutely didn´t behalf like a cyclist. He died after he became malaria during a cycle tour in Burkina Faso. Another famous Italian cyclist was Francesco Moser, he won more than one time all classical tours, 3 times the Giro d´Italia was world champion for 3 times and he was the first “street” cyclist who beat the world record (1 hour) in Mexico. In one hour he drove alone more than 51 kilometer. He was during is active cyclist life a pain in the ass for the famous Dutch and Belgium cyclist like Jan Raes, Gerrie Kneteman, Hennie Kuipers and Freddy Maertens. The pirate, Marco Pantani, was one of the most famous, not always positive, cyclist. He died at 34 on a combination of doping. He won the Giro d´Italy and the Tour de France in one year. Beside the nickname the pirate, he had another nichname, the little elephant, “Il Elephantino, due to his short body, short scalp and big ears. He was the best climber ever. After he won in 1998 the Giro d´Italia and the Tour de France it went downwards with him, he was doped many times. In 2004 his heart stopped in a hotel in Rimini, this was due combined with doping. A legend was gone. But the Italians are good in forgetting the bad things and they keep him (like Coppi) in memory as one off the best cyclists ever. Another big name was Guido Bontempi, the Buffalo, this name was given to him while he had such a strong body and his legs were thicker as any other cyclist. Guido was a day winner, he won almost all classics and many day trips in the Giro d´Italia and the Tour de France. In his active time he was the strongest sprinter and didn´t know the word fear. Another famous sprinter was Mario Cipollini, he had many nicknames, Super Mario, Bello Mario (beautiful Mario), Il Re Leone (the lion king). All these names were given to him, while he was a typical Italian stylish and trendy guy. He seems to look smart and his bicycle as well as the way he was dressed during the races made him different and stylish. Super Mario was world champion, won many classics, won 42 times a day race in the Giro d´Italia, 12 times a day race in the Tour de France and about 5 day races in the round of Spain. Currently he is advisor of a Russian team. The last one I want to talk about is Ivan Basso, Ivan the Barbar, the best time cyclist of his generation and a great climber. Everybody was afraid of him, when he accelerated, he was gone. Uphill or on a flat road. Ivan could drive fast for a long time as nobody could. All these names are still alive in the minds of the Italians, as at this moment Vincenzo Nibali, the shark of Messina, is the hero. He is seen as the new winner of the Giro d´Italy, the Italians forgot Kruiswijk, and world champion. But back to my export business to Italy, when you was reading this, it must be clear that Italy is the right country to export modern, trendy, Ferrari red racing bicycles to Italy. And that my company has a VAT Registration Italy.